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Active Sports - Active Donegal

Sport has always had a vibrant presence in County Donegal and organised sport both competitive and recreational has proven an excellent way to get and keep people actively engaged in physical activity. The demand for high quality education & training workshops and support programmes has further strengthened the positive impact of sport within the community. The Donegal Sports Partnership continues to support local sports clubs to raise awareness, promote best practice and increase participation by all.

Club Development Programme

This programme endeavours to support sports clubs in improving their structures and capacities to ensure best practice in the delivery of sport at community level. The programme will focus on education and training supports to develop areas such as club governance, finance, public relations, youth structures, inclusion and coach education.


Code of Ethics & Good Practice in Children’s Sport, Child Protection in Sports Awareness and Keeping Safe Officer Training

DSP recognises that a central goal for all those involved in sport for young people is to provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment where children can develop and enhance their physical and social skills. Promoting a child-centred environment should go hand in hand with identifying and eliminating practices that impact negatively on a young person’s safe and enjoyable participation in sport. Through a dedicated education and training programme volunteers and leaders in sport will receive best practice guidelines in delivering sport to children and young people.


Examples of Education & Training Workshops

• Sports First Aid – 6 hour and 20 hour programmes
• Lucozade Sports Programmes – Coaching Ireland
• NGB Coach Development Programmes

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