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DSP Meeting - Active Donegal Board, committee

The DSP recognise the critical importance of its future sustainability and the responsibility of its Board of Directors to remain fully committed to strengthening and expanding its role through ongoing partnership work. This work will include clear agreements on the role of agencies, the identification of funding opportunities for existing and additional programmes and the marketing of a vibrant ‘Active Donegal’ brand. Among the programmes identified to support inter agency development and more efficient and effective corporate governance include;

Board Leadership Programme

Board training and induction programmes will ensure that the Directors of the DSP are trained and aware of their roles and responsibilities. It will also deal with how meetings are organised, the Board’s work programmes, recruiting and appointing new members and ensuring that members are informed and up to date on the work of the DSP.

Management Programme
This set outs how the framework for how the DSP will be managed and includes:

• Philosophy
DSP Performance Management Systems
Induction and Training programme
HR policies
Reporting processes.
Operational policies and procedures
Internal audit process

Planning Programme
DSP Staff provide an annual action plan targeting some of the key indicators included in the Active Donegal Strategic plan, this plan identifies some of the key target groups, potential partners and funders to support delivery of participation and education & training programmes.

Marketing & Communicating Active Donegal
New initiatives to promote the work of the Partnership under the Active Donegal brand including a dedicated Active Donegal month to celebrate all that is positive about sport and physical activity in Donegal. Marketing will also include the development of a more interactive web site and greater use of social media in promoting Active Donegal.

Financial Management
Policies and procedures for managing and reporting on the finances of the DSP in line with Irish Sports Council and DSP funders. These policies are established to ensure compliance and delivery of agreed targets.

Policy Development Programme
Provision of staff development policies which provide an understanding of roles and responsibilities of the organisation and consistencies in approach to the delivery of programmes.

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