Donegal Sports Partnership

About Us

Donegal Sports Partnership (DSP) was established in 2001 and over the past decade has coordinated and supported the development of sport and physical activity in County Donegal. It also supports the development of initiatives which seek to increase participation in sport and physical activity especially among the many low participation target groups in line with national objectives. DSP is an inter agency and multi-sectoral organisation established as a limited company with representatives from all the main statutory agencies and the community and voluntary sectors serving on a dedicated Board of Directors. Many foundations were put in place during the first Strategic Plan 2002- 2004, including prioritising actions around increasing physical activity and sport and raising the awareness of the benefits of exercise especially at primary school level. Focusing also on the provision of training and coaching programmes and a conscious raising of standards of best practice in sport through clubs and communities.

The second Strategic Plan ‘Active Donegal’ 2006-2010 greatly expanded on these early foundations. The Plan and its successful implementation is centred around building the brand ‘Active Donegal’ and ensuring its permeation through all work of the Donegal Sports Partnership, clubs, schools, local communities and local agencies and organisations.

DSP has just completed phase two of its operation, from 2006-2010. This phase was characterised by the consolidation and strengthening of the work undertaken in the initial phase 2002-2004. Central to all DSP programmes, funding, workshops and events, is the ‘Active Donegal’ brand.

‘Active Donegal’ 2011- 2014 which is the third strategic plan  is about helping clubs, schools and communities to increase and sustain levels of participation in sport and physical activity in County Donegal. The DSP remains committed to further strengthening and developing ‘Active Donegal’ and to make its impact real through the following four pillars.

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